This season is dedicated to all you, strong but gentle, fierce, yet so compassionate, spirited but humble, passionate and free, absolutely amazing in all your weaknesses and strengths. Once more we reject stereotypes and bring you all-bodies-inclusive styles. We embrace who we are and bring to you the best of us. We actually think you are perfect the way you are and yes, this works for any body and everybody.

  • The ‘EGO’ pochette 📸shot by beautiful @daphnekalyva in a ‘wonderland’ of books & travel dreams. Cause it’s the day to feel safe and stay cozy, it’s the time to make dreams for what’s coming... #thisisusfw2122
  • The ‘EGO’ backpack manifests plainness, embraces simplicity, cause in it you will find beauty, sophistication, style. What is more, it’s on sale, so, give your ego a boost!!! #thisisusfw2122
  • La ‘Vida’ bag is on Sale. Go for it today. At some point we all sit back and think “I wish I had done that”. Let that not be now! #thisisusfw2122
  • Stunning @iolaki with her ‘EGO’ bag in brown proves style has no day. Give everyday the chance to become the most stylish day of your life so far. #thisisusfw2122
  • Take a better look at the ’Ebony’ crossbody, cause everyone has two eyes, but not everyone enjoys this stylish view. Get yours today. #thisisusfw2122
  • Hold La 'VIDA' bag in grey rain or shine!!! Brought to you in collab with @vacay_thebrand and this fabulous girl @evridiki_valavani
  • The ‘EGO’ pochette. To carry with your fingertips, to tie around your wrist or slip under your arm, this bag adds the ultimate touch of sophistication and femininity to every outfit, all day long.
  • This is the ‘EGO’ bag in black and, in this case, your ‘EGO’ is your greatest friend. #thisisusfw2122
  • The ’EGO’ backpack love. If you say someone has "a big ego," then you are saying he is too full of himself. Make sure your heart is full of love and your backpack full with memories. #thisisusfw2122
  • Get yourself the ‘EGO’ bag and let its colour, shape and style draw the attention. Is there a better bag to accompany you all day long? #thisisusfw2122
  • We live in a world full of beauty, charm and adventures. Go and meet this world with a backpack full of style. The ‘Ebony’ backpack. #thisisusfw2122
  • Your ego is your conscious mind, it includes the aspects of your soul, the part of your identity that you consider your "self." Take care of your self, uplift your ego! The ‘EGO’ pochette, available in three colours. #thisisusfw2122
  • We all have an identity. It cannot be found or fabricated but merges from within. And it is unique, it is perfect. Just like our signature crossbody bag, Tʜᴇ ’Eʙᴏɴʏ’ Cʀᴏssʙᴏᴅʏ #thisisusfw2122
  • Everything is perfect with its imperfections, but Tʜᴇ ’Eɢᴏ’ Bᴀᴄᴋᴘᴀᴄᴋ is perfect in itself. Available via DM and soon online. #thisisusfw2122
  • This season is dedicated to all of you strong, but gentle, fierce, yet so compassionate, spirited but humble, passionate and free, absolutely perfect in all your weaknesses and strengths. We embrace who we are and bring to you the best of us in our 
‘Tʜɪs Is Us’ ғᴡ21/22 Cᴏʟʟᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ 

Sharing the dream with our amazing team:

The one of a kind photographer/director @manioros_dimitris for making it happen
The photographer’s helping hand @sophia.aggel 
The sweetest MUA @dimitravlasaki 
Our surreal fairy model @tzini_patsouraki 
Inspired and brought to you by the get-E.V.eN. girls @valia_ & @nikacky
  • Looking back to the beautiful moments of the summer, the Eden bag being in all of them... still! #eternalselfss21
  • Whichever your favourite season, the ‘Reina’ backpack is here for you in the most “delicious” caramel brown. last pieces available #eternalselfss21
  • A little more summer, a few more pieces of the ‘Eden’ bag in dusty brown, before the new FW21/22 Collection. 📸 shot by our beloved @myloskoufonisia #eternalselfss21