We're lovers of bags, style enthusiasts, passionate about chic aesthetic, with a bohemian spirit, a rock attitude and supreme taste. This love for all things free-spirited indicated the launch of the get-E.V.eN. brand, in 2014.

Like all things we love, get-E.V.eN. is  nurtured by passion, and grows from the unexpected, the unpredictable that comes along during this beautiful journey of creation. It was born by our love for our style essential, that is, THE HANDBAG, as we wanted to create not only led by the trends, but our instinct and taste.

We've sourced far and wide for the best quality materials, for unique designs and we sell to the woman that will make our styles her own. The woman who wants to make a statement without saying a word. All our creations have been especially handcrafted in Greece, with love, for women as special as you. With a free, unconventional mind, always trendy, but without all the same styling details from each season’s fashion trends that keep you away from standing out.

This is what defines your favourite get-E.V.eN. bag. You can wear it from season to season and it’s always in vogue and when you look at it you get the same “butterflies in the stomach” feeling like when you first laid your hands on it!

Love, the get-E.V.eN. girls